Friday, July 23, 2010

Potty Training Progress Report

Holy freakshow, Batman.

I went into yesterday feeling pretty confident about our progress. At the end of yesterday's post, I mentioned that Ben had peed, and them tried to sit in Emma's lap.

It all went downhill from there.

Yesterday was one of those days where everything that could get covered in pee, did. It was bad.

At one point yesterday, Grant, without any prompting from me, 'felt the urge' and went into the bathroom to do his business. This is a good thing, and a very important step in the right direction. However, the good part about that was quickly negated when he simply stood in the middle of the bathroom floor with his undies on, and peed and pooped. Then, since he was done, he walked out of the bathroom, still wearing his poop-filled undies and dripping pee down his legs. He went into the living room, where I found him playing tracks and trains with his siblings, a trail of piles and puddles from him to the bathroom.


They are supposed to hate the feeling of sitting in poop and that's how the whole 'training thing' gets done. Of course, my kids defy the odds.

I did make some progress on organizing the boys' room yesterday, cleaning our drawers of stuff that is too small and stuff that can be put away till fall. I know, it's kinda late to be pulling the cooler-weather stuff out, but our weather has been so crazy here lately I haven't dared do it earlier. Anywhoo, I got a lot of it done, and left the box on top of the boys' dresser during nap time.

Big mistake.

They took it off the dresser, and dumped it. They strew the nicely folded clothes all over the room, and then peed on them.

I did not know this was happening, as I was shampooing the carpets because of Grant's morning poop-fest.

So not only did I not get anything done, I created more loads of laundry for myself.


The boys never napped yesterday. Drew fell asleep in my arms before lunch, and slept for about forty minutes, part of which was on the couch as I was cleaning up yet another puddle of pee. He did not nap again at naptime, leaving a room filled with three screaming boys, two of whom were destroying everything possible.

And then, you know, peeing on it.

Today is going to be better. For one thing, it cannot get worse. For another, my wonderful brother-in-law Dan has offered to take the kids for a while this morning so that Holly and I can go out and do something, anything, without kids to save me from a life of padded walls and anti-psychotic medications.

Sigh of relief.

I am tired, and frustrated, and ready to have this done. I am so stinking mad about this whole thing, I am going to get them potty trained if it kills me.

I just hope it doesn't drive me over the edge of insanity first.


Beth said...

I've had an easier time potty training kittens! Good grief! Can I have babies that just come potty trained? <=)

Kim said...

Ahhhh the life of potty training is so much fun! :-) When my twins were younger for some reason I thought they had to potty train at the same time but it didn't work out that way for us. I had one who was ready and one who was not. I had myself so stressed out over the whole thing! LOL So reading your post brings back memories! My boys are 12 now and they are both fully trained. LOL I'm a preschool teacher and I teach the older 2's who are turning 3 in the beginning of the year. Something that I always suggest to moms is putting underwear on and then a pull up over the underwear. This way they are getting the sensation of the underwear and can feel it if they pee or poop - but you aren't having to clean the mess up all over your house. Because I have to keep my classroom disinfected at all times I can't have kids potty training and doing that there either so it works. Of course you are going to have some kids who don't care and as long as they have that pull up on they will go anyway. Good luck! They will get there! :-)

TheOldestStudent said...

I think you just need to listen to a lot of Queen... "WE are the champions, my friend..." or "We will, we will, ROCK YOU!" Things like that. It will keep you ramped up.