Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things Heard Around Here By Ten-Thirty This Morning

Emma: "Mom, Grant and me, well, we were getting the laundry out of the dryer like you asked, and we broke the hangy-down thingy on the laundry basket."

Me: "You did? Wait, what hangy-down thingy on the laundry basket?"

Emma: "Well, actually, it was the hangy-down thingy on the dryer."

Me: (walked into laundry room) "Babe, that's the dryer door. And it didn't used to hangy-down like that. I have told you never to climb on the drawer of the dryer, haven't I?"

Emma: "Yeah, but I forgot."


(I was successful in popping the dryer door back on the hinges. However, it is really unstable and cannot withstand any more abuse, or I fear it will retire itself from it's relentless pursuit to provide us with clean, dry clothes several times a day. And that would be bad.)


Grant: "Mommy, the swing set is broken."

Emma: "Yeah, Mom, the big long pole on he swing set is all wiggly and broken."

Me: (still holding the screwdriver I used to fix the dryer) "You have got to be kidding me. Right? Is this a joke?"

Emma: "Come see, Mom." (then she went over to the swing set to show me that one of the middle support bars was above a low spot in the yard and just swung freely.)

Me: "Baby, that's not broken, there just isn't any dirt under it. Daddy will move it when he gets home, but I'm not moving the swing set myself, that's daddy's job. If you want to swing, put some dirt under there so it doesn't wiggle like that, OK?"


Me: "Holy dirtballs, batman! No way, guys you are not coming into the house like that. You are all covered with dirt. What was going on?" (Then I suddenly remembered my request that the kids fill a hole with dirt, and chided myself that it did not cross my mind that they would then fill the hole as well as each other's hair, clothing, and ears with dirt as well. Oh well, at least they worked together, right?)


Me: "Hey! Who gave Drew a movie?!? Drew, you do NOT pull the tape out like that! No, Drew, give it to me now!"

(And yes, we still have VHS movies around here. And that one was actually new to us, and hadn't been watched yet. Sorry, Muppet Movie, but you have been attacked and mutilated by the ever-vicious Baby Drew, Destroyer of All Things Fun or Useful.)


Some Guy said...

VHS isn't so bad - we just bought 3 tapes at a library sale because they were cheap.

The kids won't care so much about the image quality, plus I can skip all the intros without having the player overrule me.

Essie said...

Hello fellow sister of chaos! I have five boys. 17, 13 year old stepson, Xan 4, Ezric 2.5 and a 4 month old. Your brother in law works with my husband in Seattle and was telling me about your blog. Oh boy...gotta love those mornings. A friend of mine said that on these days we have to remember that one day they will not be so small and we will miss them. But as your blog states at the top: It's going to be a while! I'll be back! I love your blog! p.s. I have a chest cold and I'm allowing my 2.5 and 4 year old to play with Styrofoam (yes the kind that breaks into a million pieces) Why? because it makes them happy while I can't do anything...Thank god for the woman (it had to be a woman) who invented vacuums.