Monday, October 3, 2011

Not Me! Monday!

Ahhh, I love Not Me! Monday!  The chance to NOT admit my (many, many) parenting imperfections and dismiss the common assumption that I have wonderfully well behaved children and that our life is perfect.  Oh, wait, you didn't assume that?!?  Oh, good, you've been paying attention. ;)

Last week I headed to bed, tired and drained.  I decided to watch a little TV before sleeping, so I tuned it on to Nick at Nite.  Now, I have loved Nick at Nite for a long time and have watched it off and on for many years. Re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie, Mr. Ed, Bewitched, and others have been so entertaining to me.  As I turned the channel, it suddenly hit me what old, fun, outdated show was on.

It was Friends.

NOPE, I have NOT reached the age where shows that were first aired after I was out of high school are now on Nick at Nite.  Shows that I watched in my adulthood are NOT now fodder for the young kids to come in and see and be entertained by how things were in the olden days.  No, that episode was NOT originally aired fifteen years ago.

Friends is NOT on Nick at Nite.

And I am NOT that old.

As we were headed into the grocery store late one evening, my darling son decided at the very last minute that he needed his sweatshirt.  Being the kind, loving, considerate mother that I am, I did NOT tell him, "Too bad.  You had your chance, now we're headed inside."  NOPE, I would never do that, even though I had warned him to get his sweatshirt on before he got out of the van.

My darling, sweet Emma decided to be so helpful that she took off her own sweatshirt to give to Grant so that he wouldn't be cold.  Total proud moment in parenting.

That wonderful proud moment in parenting was NOT burst when my darling four year old son started skipping and jumping down the aisles of the store sporting a pink and purple striped sweatshirt and yelling, "I'm a BOY! I look like a girl, but I'm a BOY!" to everyone within earshot (and several who were not).

NOPE.  I DON"T claim him.

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Samantha said...

Ha ha ha! The other day I saw that reruns of Friends was on Nick at Night and I was stunned! Growing up it was always those "old shows" like the ones you mentioned. Now.... Now it is Friends!

And your son skipping down the aisle proclaiming his boy-dom.... Ha ha ha ha ha. My son decided to use his "outside voice" the other day at Target to start yelling "BOOBS" as we passed the bra section..... THAT was super awesome.

Katrina said...

Serioulsy? FRIENDS is on Nick at Nite? No waaaay...say it ain't so! I'm feeling old now, too. Dang.
They All Call Me Mom
p.s. saw you on Mckmama, and I'm a new follower of your blog :)

Paper Blessings said...

Friends on Nick@Nite and The Nanny is on Antenna TV with shows like Gidget and Dennis the Menace. You know what? We'll blame it on technological advances. That's it! Just like computers are already considered antiques as soon as you walk out of the store, maybe that's what's happening to tv shows...yeah, that's it! Or, maybe we are just getting older. Nah. Not us!

(visiting through link at MckMama's blog link-up)

Carmen O. said...

That can't be!!! Friends on Nick at Nite? What?!

Bliss said...

I got that same feeling when I made a Seinfeld reference to a slightly younger friend the other day and she gave me a completely blank look...sigh. I am only as old as I feel, I am only as old as I feel...