Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Me! Monday!

Ahhh, Not Me! Monday! how I have missed you! It's been a while since we have had a Not Me! Monday! around here, so let me refresh your memory (or introduce you to the whole concept, if you are new around here!)

Not Me! Monday! was the brain child of MckMama, who describes it as this: Not Me! Monday is a weekly event born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I’d rather forget. Why? It’s therapy of the best kind. Plus, reading the embarrassing ways that others sometimes fail makes us feel less alone. Of course, pretending that we so did not do some of this crazy stuff makes sharing a little easier. Are you willing?

Yup, I'm willing.  So here we go!

We had a family reunion last weekend.  Now, my kids are generally well behaved in public, so besides the complete crazy of four excited kids running like spider monkeys hopped up on sugar, it's generally a pretty good time.  So when my Dad's cousin crouched down to say 'hi' to Ben and make a few faces at him to try and make him laugh, he most definitely DID just say hi back.  He did NOT reach back and punch the guy in the face, knocking his glasses to the ground.  NOT my kid!

When my darling hubby told me of this event (I was talking to another relative and missed the whole thing,) I did NOT correct him and say, "you said Ben, but you meant Drew, right?" because of the fact that 99.999% of the antics that would necessitate a NOT me! Monday! post revolve strictly around our two year old little darling.  He did NOT have to correct me and tell me that it was really Ben.  Sweet, quiet Ben, who is generally non-violent and loving.  And my darling hubby did NOT have to tell me this fact twice before I started to almost believe him.

Yup.  We're THAT family.

We had our first PTO (parent teacher organization, just like PTA but without the dues) meeting at school last week.  We meet in the library, and the kids go to the gym where they have childcare and the ability run run to their heart's content.  I love it because I get t go sit with grown ups, and I pick up children who are sweaty, happy, and completely exhausted.  It's a win/win!

So at this meeting, we had just adjourned when the school's fire alarm sounded.  Being the positive, upbeat mother that I am, I did NOT turn to the teacher sitting next to me and say, "I'll bet you that was one of my kids."  I mean, who would think that one of my little precious darlings would pull the fire alarm?!?  NOT me!

I left the library and headed out.  The fire doors were closed between the library and the gym, so I headed out the door to go around.  I was NOT met in the hallway by another teacher who shook her head and smiled, then said, "It was one of yours!"

Nope, NOT me and NOT my kid.

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