Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yep, I am getting old!

This morning, I was siting at the computer and Emma crawled into my lap. She started to spin the office chair around, and I decided to be really mean, um, I mean, fun and spin as fast as I could, thinking that I would freak her out a little. Here I am, pregnant, continually nauseous, and spinning in a circle as fast as the chair can go. Suddenly realizing what a bad idea it was, I stop, and Emma (giggling) wants to keep going. The room is still spinning and I tell her that we cannot keep going, because Mommy is going to throw up. She hops down and immediately runs off (in a straight line, no less) saying, "Well, don't throw up on me, that' s just gross!" She is completely fine, but I could not get out of the chair for about 15 minutes, and didn't really recover for an hour. I wonder if babies get dizzy in the womb? Or if he was thinking, "This is the coolest thing ever!"

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