Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Where does the time go?  The time since the kids were little, since summer was here, since I last blogged.  Life is busy and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

All the kids are in school.  Yup, you heard that right, ALL of them.  Emma is in third grade, the twins started Kindergarten, and Drew is officially a preschooler.  Yes, Drew who is seven months old in the sidebar picture because I haven't taken the time to update them in three years. Although the pics on the blog are the same age as the most recent pics of my kids on the walls in my living room, so at least I am an equal-opportunity picture ignore-er.  If the doctor's children are sick, and the shoemaker's kids go barefoot;  I guess it makes sense that the photographer's kids get their pics taken often but they never make it out of the computer and up on the wall.  Well, maybe they do at first.  Just not after four kids.

My days have been filled with the normal everyday stuff that fills the days of a mom of four.  I really thought that this "everyone in school" thing would free up my days, but I think I am busier than ever.  Also, with Drew being here and no other children to entertain him, it has been challenging as there are no other children to tattle on him as he is trying to dance on the bathroom counter/climb the bookcase again/teach the cat gymnastics.  OK, I don't think the cat would put up with being taught gymnastics.  He's a feisty cat, which is a necessary skill for being an animal in this family.

Also, Drew is a talker.  And when I say he is a talker, I mean that I have been working on getting him to understand that you have to stop and take a breath while you are talking, and that you cannot just continue talking while you are breathing in.  No one can understand you that way, and it makes you dizzy.  And drives Mama batty.  And there isn't enough chocolate in the world to deal with that for six hours straight.

And I know all of you dear blog followers are just so excited because you have just missed reading a whole slew of sentenced that start with "and".  You are welcome.

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