Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cat vs Tooth Fairy

Emma lost a tooth late last night.

It was assisted slightly by my darling husband, who has a tendency to assist children in losing loose teeth without even knowing that he is helping.  What a guy.

Anywhoo, she was in bed and called out, "My tooth!  I lost a tooth!!"  She was so excited, and we went in to cheer with her, both of us showing our excitement and joy while wracking our brains to figure out if we had a dollar in our wallets.

After the celebration and subsequent necessary showing of the tooth to the brothers, she headed off to bed and we found a dollar, rolled it up an waited for her to fall asleep.

However, Emma sleeps with her cat.  And we could hear her in her room, talking to her cat.  "If I wake up and there's no tooth, and no dollar, then I know you ate the Tooth Fairy.  That's not OK.  Teddy, do not eat the Tooth Fairy, understand?!?"

OK, anyone who knows us knows that we couldn't just let that one go.

And hopefully, the cat learned his lesson.  I mean, really.  You don't ever take on Fairy Tale creatures, that's just common sense.

Here's the sweet girl, who apparently slept through the whole battle.  When she woke and figured out what had happened, she saw the cat fur and Fairy Dust on her sheets next to her pillow and exclaimed, "Oh, this must be where it all started!"

On her floor, not under her pillow was a half-hazard tooth tin, a slightly ripped dollar, and a toothbrush.  The Tooth Fairy must have been so tired after the fight with the cat that she couldn't bring everything back up onto the bed.  I can't blame her, that was probably exhausting.

Luckily the Tooth Fairy left a note so we know she was OK.  The Tooth Fairy has really small handwriting, it must be because she is so small.  The note reads, "Wow, that's one tough cat!  Don't worry, I got away and I'm OK.  Sorry about his fur.  It will grow back.  Love, Tooth Fairy"  The dollar was mangled and covered in Fairy Dust, and the tin held some Fairy Dust and cat fur.

Emma's new toothbrush, broken open and also covered in Fairy Dust and cat fur.  Apparently, she beat him off with it.  At least she's a resourceful little Fairy!

And the cat, looking mildly ticked off, missing a couple of hunks of fur, and slightly glitter-y between the eyes.
Don't ask.
Unfortunately, we will never know exactly what happened between Teddy and the Tooth Fairy, as there were no witnesses.  I hope the Tooth Fairy comes back again, it seems like it was quite the battle.  And I'm not sure the cat will ever be the same.

As for Emma, she seems curious and slightly baffled.  I am interested in hearing her reaction when she comes home from school and has had some time to think it over.  She cuddled the cat this morning, offering her sympathy for what he went through last night while gently scolding him for attacking the Tooth Fairy.   He was not amused.

I just hope he doesn't try to get revenge some night when I am sleeping.  I might want to start sleeping with some Fairy Dust....


TheOldestStudent said...

I've been reading this to everyone, and laughing hysterically with each new person.

Mrs. Valente said...

Bahahahahaha! You're the queen! I bow.

Unknown said...

Absolutely the best idea ever! Thanks for sharing, complete with photos :-)

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you?