Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Cans And The Can Nots

As I mentioned before, our group of friends have a tradition of breaking into each other's houses when they are on vacation, and messing things up.

And by breaking in, I actually mean using a key, a code, or a family member who will remain nameless.

It's fun, and entertaining for those of us left at home. Well, of the eight of us, I was the only one not out of town this past weekend.

Unfortunately, I only had time to hit one house.

My dear sister-in-law, Holly, was the recipient of my glee. I swindled my friend Kristen into helping me out, which was good and fun for me, but notsomuch for her; as Holly has now stated that Kristen has opened herself up to retaliation.

Sorry 'bout that, Kristen!

Anywhoo, on my last post, I told you all how we decorated her house like it was some one's 30th/1st birthday. But alas, that was not the real prank. I just wanted to blog about it while she was still gone to make her sweat freak out curious.

You see, Holly is the queen of the grocery stockpile. See her cupboard?

And the hallway to the garage?

And that ain't even the half of it. (Sorry, Mom, for saying 'ain't'. It just seemed to fit right there.) She actually has 101 cans of various food items between her shelves and the hallway. How do we know the exact number? Well, we lovingly and with the most respect possible while messing with some one's home, took her cabinet down to this:

Yup, we stripped the labels off each and every one of the 101 cans and hid them throughout the house.
We thought beans were appropriate for this one.

Decorative TP holders. Maybe I'll start being a crafty blogger!

"Holly, you frame a lot of cool stuff, but you must really love this soup!"

I love how well the frosting label blended in so well to the frame. I would bet it's still there.

I've heard of leached olives, but not bleached ones! Yulgh!!

After we hid all 101 labels, we added the birthday decorations for fun, and to throw her off the scent. The real shenanigans were discovered when her poor, cranky from driving 10 hours in an old mustang, hungry husband tried to get himself a can of soup for dinner. Heeheehee! Sorry, Dan! (But not really...)

Let's take a look again, shall we?



And yes, we re-arranged everything so they can't just compare the pictures.


OK, just so you don't all think that I am such a meanie head that I would waste all that food, we did label each and every can with a number and made a master list to let dear Holly know what is in each one.

And then we hid the list.

We have given her three clues so far, the first one, from my darling husband who likes to play along but usually gets stuck with kid-duty, was baseball player.

The second one, given by me, was Holly is a great Mom.

The third one, which I gave to her on Facebook this morning, was this:
I'mma thinking she's tearing her office apart right about now.

The fourth clue is hidden somewhere in this post.

Holly does have the option of earning the location of the master list, but first she must write a blog post about how awesome Kristen and I are. I'm betting she will just try to find it on her own before that, but you can always check to see what she's up to on her blog.

And no worries about removing your hide-a-keys, loyal bloggy friends, I have a long list of six other houses I have to hit before I go looking to expand my life of crime...

But just so ya know, if you ever tell me the pass code to your garage, it's fair game!


Courtney Dykman said...

Love ya Tiff, but you will never, not EVER be getting a key to our house!!! Thanks for the great laughs at poor Holly's expense!!

momluvs4kidz2000 said...

changed my mind...I don't think I'll move to Washington after all! rotflmao

Melanee said...

Tiff, you are a hoot, I've known Holly for what seems like forever. You have just given me an idea if I ever get the chance to check on neighbor or family member's home. I love your blog..

The Campbell Family said...

HEY wait a minute, Linda wanted to move here and now you scared her away?????? I'm not supporting your antics anymore, I'm joining Matt as a fun-sucker!