Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Potty Training, Act Four

Well, we're back at it.

Drew is showing signs (for the last six months, which I have been ignoring) of being ready to be potty trained. I feel like I just went through this. And yes, it was less than a year ago that we finally potty trained the twins.

That was hard.

I'm guessing this round will be easier. Maybe I will have learned from my past experiences and I will be a master potty-trainer. Or, I will completely forget things like set a timer, and then get really confused as to why he keeps peeing on the floor.

And the ever popular, don't forget that you loaned out the carpet cleaner and all you have to clean up the floor is your toothbrush which mysteriously disappeared from the drawer and appeared in the backyard one day.

Yup. I'm a master.

1 comment:

DJan said...

But, Tiff, think of it this way: it's all behind you after this one, and it SHOULD be easier this time. But we all know how shoulds often work out. I look forward to some entertainment in any event! :-)