Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Blogging Returns

Hey all!! I'm still here, still blogging. OK, I know it doesn't really count as "blogging" when I start a post and never finish it, leaving it my drafts folder for no one to read. Yes, I have done that several times recently. I know, it's horrible.

I will be back to my former blogging glory soon, so look for new posts coming soon! Things are crazy around here (I know, it's shocking!) and in the next three weeks we have Christmas (yay!) and birthdays for all three boys. I am almost done with my shopping, wrapping, and planning. I haven't even started planning the twins' birthday party, which is in three days. People are coming but I don't know what they are eating, or what we are playing, or what the cake will look like, or if we will be able to see my kitchen counter by then. Yup, I'm in trouble.

The twins are turning four. Wow.

Well, I gotta go and let them out of time out. That happens a lot around here lately. I'll be back soon!

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